Club Atlantis is located on Fields Avenue, Angeles City, Philippines. We open our doors at 6:00 pm to 3:00 am Monday to Thursday and Friday to Sunday From 6:00 pm to 4:00 am.

Club Atlantis is three floors of wall to wall, beautiful girls. There is plenty of seating in our comfortable couches on both the first and second floor with clear views of the dance floor.

Come and join us and meet over 300 of the most beautiful girls and watch the best shows on Fields Avenue. At Club Atlantis it is always a party come join us any time of the evening, 7 days of the week and you will always be walking into a club full of welcoming ladies and entertaining shows. We have developed the reputation as the biggest and best show bar over many years of quality entertainment, be sure to check out our events calendar to see when our next major event will begin.

Club Atlantis takes great pride in our amazing regular shows which can be seen at multiple times on the following days of the week:

• Rockstar Showgirls (Tuesday - Sunday)
• Black Tape Project (Tuesday 9pm, 10:30pm and 12mn)
• Cosmic Carnival Modeling (Thursday 9pm, 10:30pm and 12mn)
• Pole Dancers (Wednesday - Monday)
• Coyote Dancers (Wednesday - Monday)
• Power Extreme (Monday - Saturday)

Friendly Massage Girls and G.R.O.

For 6,000p you receive 24 bottles of beer that you can choose which ladies will share them with you and you will receive a free t-shirt and a dedication on the mirror.
For 7,500p all the ladies will receive a drink from you and you will receive a free t-shirt and a dedication on the mirror.
For 4,200p you get 28 shots of tequila for any selection of girls of your choice along with a free t-shirt and a dedication on the mirror.
For 2,000p 10 girls of your choice will perform a Fellatio shooter drinking show.